Redwood City Boot Camp 1/4/12- Total Body 2012 Fat Loss Workout

Redwood City Boot Camp 1/4/12- Total Body 2012 Fat Loss Workout

Preparation (15 min)- Perform dynamic warm-up and exercises below to prepare for movement:

1.     Squats: 10

2.     Prisoner Split Squat: 5 each side

3.     Standing Figure 8’s: 5

4.     Push-Ups: 5-10

5.     Prone  Reverse Back Ext: 10 *Lift thighs off ground as high as possible without pain in back *AKA Prone Hip Ext & Reverse Hypers

6.     Supine Bridge: 15

7.     Jumping Jacks: 20

8.     Lateral Shuffle/Burpee Combo: 2 each way

Description: the following exercises in a circuit for 50s each:

1.     Plate Floor Press *Lock shoulders back & down *Elbows In

2.     Lateral Shuffle/Burpee Combo *Shuffle to Rightà Burpee (no push-up)à Shuffle to Left (Burpee) *Lock shoulders back & down *Core tight *Keep athletic position – staying low

3.     Plate/DB/MB Standing Figure 8’s *Lock shoulders back & down *Core tight *Relax Shoulders

4.     TRX Rows with Bridge *Get Low *Hips Up *Lock shoulders back & down *Core tight

5.     Prisoner Split Squats (25s each side) *Load as needed with plate or MB *Lock shoulders back & down *3 B’s *Head Back

6.     Swiss Ball/Gymnastics Horse Reverse Back Ext: *Can also do with elevated mats/steps or on floor

7.     Matt/Step Dynamic Side Step *Step right to left keeping center of body over matt or step *Keep athletic position – staying low

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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