Write Down What You Really Want, Create a Game Plan And 2012 Is Yours! (Use My Goal Form Inside)

I just read on CNN.com said that most people who have a New Year resolution to lose weight will fail.

In the same article, clinical psychologist Mark Crawford of Roswell, Georgia said that one reason people fail is because they sabotage themselves.

The reason most people fail at losing weight  is because…

1. Their goals are probably unrealistic and so they have already set themselves up for failure.

2. They are unprepared. Sure they  have a general idea that the ywant to lose weight, but they most likely do not have a game plan.

3. Their goals are unclear.

4. They lack support. Because the going WILL GET TOUGH and your support system is what will see you through to your goal.

Imagine going to another country you’ve never been in before. Now imagine if I handed you a GPS but didn’t give you an address (a goal).

You’d probably fail at getting to your destination, wouldn’t you?

Now imagine if I said your destination was a house about 150 miles north. Well, you now have a general idea, but you’ll still never get to your destination and therefore fail.

Get the picture?

Now imagine if I handed you a GPS AND gave you the address of the house you needed to end up at.

Once you type your goal destination into the GPS, it will give you VERY specific turn by turn directions AND a very realistic timeline in which you’ll arrive.


Makes sense, right?

Did you know that 96% of all people who set weight loss goals for the New Year don’t know how much they want to lose?

And if they can pin point a number they want to lose – they still don’t have a “turn by turn” game plan to get there.

Goal Setting 101

Setting goals will enable you to eliminate the distractions in your life and help you to focus on the really important things.  By knowing exactly what you really want, you’re able to concentrate on specific areas with more accountability and focus. Goals allow you to get more things done so you can achieve more.  Who doesn’t want to achieve more?

Always, always, always write down your goals and review them daily! I recommend posting them outside your shower door, so you will have no excuse not to read them. Set small, specific, measurable, and attainable goals.  Focus on getting the result what  you want.  Why did you set this goal?  Why is it important to you?  Make a commitment to yourself, and then take action with your end-result in mind.  Use your time wisely and work hard.

Tell everyone you know about your goal.  You have probably heard this a hundred times, but it really works.  This will create accountability, and the more accountability, the more likely you are to succeed!  But, be careful with ones who won’t support you, don’t share with them.

One more thing…. “TODAY, not tomorrow” is critical.  Don’t put anything important off until tomorrow…it will never get done.  Besides, if it were really important to you, then why would you wait?  Do it TODAY!

As I mentioned in Fat Loss Tip #33-Figure Out What You Really Want?

Let me help you accomplish your goals in 2012.  I want you to have a “NEW” goal in 2013, not the same one you make this year.
Define – Create an Action Plan – Commit –  Take Action – Make No Excuses – Be Persistent- Read Your Goals Daily – & Never QUIT!

Here is my gift to you to make your goals a reality...my 2012 goal success form “The Path To Achieving Your Goals in 2012”  here: [download id=”73″]

I work with many people on this process in as little as 1-2x per month for only 30 minute sessions.  I also work with a Spiritual Director 1x per month and she keeps me on path towards my goals in life. Working with a coach is invaluable.

Let me know if you need help.

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