Oh Snap! (Deadline Extended)

My bad completely!

I sent you an email last night with my new killer New Year’s Revolution Program, but I forgot to tell you this…

Tonight was supposed to be the deadline to get the $25 OFF my 10 Day Group Detox Program, but I am extending the offer until Thursday, January 12th at midnight PST.  *Discount is given at check-out

In case you don’t know…

The 10 Day Group Detox Program is simple & effective!

•    We are bombarded daily with chemicals in the air, food, water, soil, dust and everyday products. Our aging bodies can only take so much. When they are overwhelmed with toxicity, we develop pain and weight gain, but many do not understand this connection and how easy it is to reduce this pain and excess weight. We need to remove toxins in order to reduce stress to our bodies. This process should be done 2x per year, but we are detoxing every second of the day. Some are just better at it than others given genetics, age and overall lifestyle.
•    You’ll follow the daily model of food eliminations and additions over the 10 day period, eating the foods that are outlined for you in the program guide here: 10 Day Group Detox Program (Check out the success stories at the bottom!)
•    We will meet before the detox and after the detox in a group and you will have a team to support you during the process.
•    You will check in on the on-line forum daily, your questions will be answered, you will learn new ideas and meet new friends.
•    This has nothing to do with working out, but I do recommend you do some kind of daily movement that makes you sweat-anything will do.
•    It’s simple actually – just commit to yourself for 10 days, be willing to experiment with foods, listen to how your body feels with the elimination and addition of foods we add over the course of the 10 days and the results will come. You will be more sensitive than ever before as you bring different foods in and out of your diet. Rather than asking others what you should eat, you will be able to figure out the ideal foods your body feels best on with the 10 day experiment.

You should experience a reduction of carbohydrate and sugar cravings, more energy, better sleep, less stress and a smaller waist.

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a liquid diet. There are some low allergenic meal replacement shakes included as part of the program, but we are eating real food. You can eat as much as you want of the approved foods and it is recommended  to eat every 2-4 hours.

The program is designed to eliminate common food allergens, food sensitivities and food intolerances like nuts and seeds, soy, dairy, corn, gluten and more, so you identify foods that make you feel your absolute best and those that do not.

You will not know foods you are currently eating are a problem until we take them out and add them back in over time. The problem is that we tend to eat the same foods all the time and feel the same way, so it is hard to know what the culprits are unless we remove them for a period of time. We could do food allergy type testing, but that would cost 3 times as much and may only be accurate for a short period of time.

Now here’s the best part of this whole thing… the cost. The entire 10 Day Detox Program is only $99. *Discount is given at check-out

So be sure to get your 2012 going the right way and join us tomorrow night @ 6:30 pm or Thursday at noon for the Introduction Talk to kick start your 10 Day Group Detox Program.

If you can’t make the talk, no worries, we can talk on the phone or meet at my studio and you can get the products.

If you live outside the area, we can also ship everything you need for the program.

Remember, the entire 10 Day Group Detox Program is only $99.  *Discount is given at check-out

This program is not for everyone. It is for those that are ready to commit to themselves and are open to experimentation with their nutrition.

You can get in on 10 Day Detox Program  if you register here: 10 Day Group Detox Program indicating that you want in. *Discount is given at check-out

You can start the program anytime you want after our meeting, but we will start as a group Saturday.

If you have any questions, check out  10 Day Group Detox Program, just reply to this email or call me at  650-654-4604.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family members, as this is sure to help them also.

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals with the 10 Day Detox 🙂

Live Easier,


P.S. Check out the success stories FROM PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU: SUCCESS IN ONLY 10 DAYS!


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