Boot Camp San Carlos 1/27/12- Tough Mudder Challenge Day Workout 1

Boot Camp San Carlos  1/27/12- Tough Mudder Challenge Day Workout 1

Theme: Tough Mudder Training Challenge I (This workout will last the entire hour for most people. You can modify the number of reps and the exercises if needed if you are a beginner or have limitations.)

Warm-up/Prep (10-15 minutes) * Incorporate exercises below into warm-up

Perform the following 15 Exercises as fast as possible with good form for 30 minutes. Do as many rounds as possible. It is okay to go out of order

Walk/Jog/Sprint: 5 Min *Jog in or outside *Can use bike at RWC

2)    Push-Up w/ 1 Arm Rotation: 10 Each Side*Wide Feet *Thumb towards midline

3)    Prisoner Split Squats Jumps: 15  Each Side *Do one side at a time

4)    Band Pull-Throughs (Bent Knees):  *Similar to KB Swing *Sit Back & Extend Through Hips *Only Partial Squat *Hook Band to Something Low *Can also do with plate or db

5)    Plate Bent Over Rows: 15 *Butt Out

6)    Plate/SB/MB Front Squats: 15 *Can also do without weight

7)    Dips: 15 *Shoulders Back

8)    Side Lunge with Touch to Floor: 10 Each Side*Keep Chest Up *Alt. Sides

9)    MB Forward Lunge & Twist: 10 Each Side *Do one side at a time

10) Wall Ball: 20 *Push ball into wall after squat *Get to 90 with squat

11) Glider Mtn. Climber: 20 Each Side *Knees barley off ground

12) Pull-Ups: 15 *TRX Rows in RWC & Menlo – make it tough

13) Side Plank: 30s Each Side

14) Battle Ropes: Standing Big Circles: 20  *External Rotation *Head Back *Shoulders Relaxed

15) Sit-Ups: 20 *Elbows to Knees

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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