Boot Camp Menlo Park 1/12/12- 7 Minute Abs

Boot Camp Menlo Park  1/12/12-  7 Minute Abs

Cardio: Obstacle Course (5 min)

Work: Perform the following exercises in a GROUP for 1 min each for 3 sets (leader leads all campers at the same time).
Make sure core is engaged and posture is good.

1. Supine Reverse Crunch with MB/BB in between knees  *Lift pelvis off ground *Hands behind head

2. Side Lying Hip Circles (30s each direction-60s each side) *Keep core tight

3. Side Lying Groin Circles (30s each direction-60s each side) *Keep core tight

4. Supine Bicycle Crunches

5. Supine Bridge with Leg Cross-Over (30s hold each side) *Keep hips up & level

6. Plank Up-Downs (30s leading with each side) *Stay Tight

7. Prone Hip Extension *Lift butt off ground

*Walk/Jog for 2-3 min after each round

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