Boot Camp San Bruno 1/30/12- Lose Your Body Fat with This Total Body Weight Circuit

Boot Camp San Bruno  1/30/12-  Lose Your Body Fat with This Total Body Weight Circuit

Preparation: Perform the following exercises:

1. Jumping Jack: 30s

2. One Leg Squat: 5 *Sit Back with Hips

3. Push-Ups: 5

4. One Leg Burpee: 3 each foot or 6 two feet

5. Lateral Jump: 5 each way

6. Walk/Jog/Lateral Shuffle/Backpedal: 3-5 min

WOD: Perform 3-4 sets of each exercise  for 40s each:

1.     Plate/DB/SB One Arm Row (20s each side)

2.     T-Drill *Forward Jog (5 yards)–>Right Lateral Shuffle (5 yards)–>Left Lateral Shuffle (10 yards)–>Right Lateral Shuffle (5 Yards)–>Backpedal (5 yards)

3.     One Leg Burpee with Push-Up (20s each side) *Modify with regular burpee or just a push up hold or plank

4.     Ring Lateral Jump *Stay Tight

5.     One Leg Squat (20s each side) *Sit into bench/matt – lead with hips *Go deeper if tolerated

6.    Band Pull Aparts on 1 Foot (Reverse Fly) *Squeeze

7.     Step-Ups with Arm Drive (20s each side) *Keep one foot on step/matt and drive it into step/mat

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