Boot Camp Redwood City 2/1/12- BURN FAT FAST Tabata Workout : You Have 4 Minutes

Boot Camp Redwood City  2/1/12- BURN FAT FAST Tabata Workout : You Have 4 Minutes

Preparation: Perform the following exercises as quick as possible with good form:

Description: Lunge with Stretch: 10 Each

Split Squats with Press: 10

Jumping Jacks: 20

Double Unders- 30s *Bounce–> Bounce-> Explode

Prone Triceps Ext. 5-10 *Butt down

Square Drill-2 min *Do around gym

Perform each exercise for 20s with 10 s rest for 8 sets total. Do all 8 sets before moving to next exercise

1.    Square Drill-Fwd, Shuffle, Back, Shuffle *Short distance for cones *Stay low on lateral movements

2.    Split Squat Plate/Band/MB/DB Press (20s each side) *Avoid going straight up for those with shoulder/neck issues *Shoot for eye angle

3.   Foam Pitt/Matt Crawl Goal *Opp. arm & leg *Stay low *Butt down *Stomach on ground *Can also crawl with chest off ground- knees barley off ground

4.    TRX Row with Bridge *Shoulders down & back *Keep Hips Up

5.    Jump Rope- Double Under *Bounce–> Bounce-> Explode (get 2 revs – double under)

6.    Prone Triceps Extension  *Bend knees as needed

7.    Sandbag Sprint *Hold any way you like

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