Boot Camp Redwood City 2/15/12- Post Valentine's Day Fat Burning TABATA Workout

Boot Camp Redwood City  2/15/12- Post Valentine’s Day Fat Burning TABATA Workout 

Preparation: Perform the following exercises with good form:
  1. Body Weight Squats: 15
  2. Forward-Backwards Lunges with Rotation-5 Each
  3. Sit-Ups: 10
  4. Close Grip Push-Ups: 5-10
  5. Prone Fluttter Kicks-10
  6. 4 Cone Liners- 3x *Aerobic Intensity
TABATA: Perform each exercise for 20s with 10 s rest for 8 sets total, one after the other
  1. Sandbag Back Squats *Lead with hips
  2. Plate Floor Press- *Elbows In *Lock
  3. Forward-Backwards Lunges with MB Rotation *Step straight through without stopping in center *To modify stop in center or just do fwd lunge *4 Sets Each Side *Rotate from mid section over front knee on each lunge *Arms straight to increase intensity
  4. Fat Man Rows (Belmont & Burlingame) or TRX Low Rows –Wide Supinated Grip
  5. MB Sit Up Toss –Wall
  6. Reverse Hyper Flutter Kicks  *Legs straight *Lie prone on top of matt, ball, gymnastics horse, etc to elevate legs
·      Finish with Group 4 Cone Liners: 6-8 Each *Bring the energy *3-4 per line per group
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