Belmont Boot Camp 2/24/12- Partner Workout For Fat Loss, Strength & Fun!

Belmont Boot Camp  2/17/12-  Partner Workout For Fat Loss, Strength & Fun!

Dynamic Warm-Up: 15 min (Incorporate exercises below)
Perform each exercise below for the recommended reps for 30 min. Complete as many rounds as possible.
Description:   MB Partner Push-Ups: 10 *Both partners in push up, plank position, perform push up with ball under hand and push ball to partner. Alternate hands *Perform 5 push-ups with each arm
2.   Battle Ropes- Overhand Grip Double Slams 20x *Follow Through Into Ground
3.   Walk/Jog/Sprint-4 Cone Liners- Repeat 3 x
4.   Lunge with MB Chest Pass: 10 Each Leg *Pass ball with lunge *Make sure fingers are open when catching ball *Can also pass into wall as needed
5.   Crunches with Partner Leg Pull: 20 crunches*Keep partners knees over hips
6.   Partner Pull-Up: 10 *Standing partner must keep body upright. If they do not want to do this drill they can do TRX or Pull-Ups or Fat Man Rows
7.   Partner One Leg Squat: 10 Each
8.   Partner Seated MB Rotation (Facing Laterally): 15 Each *Move from core
Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)
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