Boot Camp Redwood City 3/5/12- Fat Loss Workout Program

Boot Camp Redwood City 3/5/12- Fat Loss Workout Program
Dynamic Warm-Up: 10 min
Preparation: Perform the following exercises to prepare for the wod in a group:
1. Squats: 15
2. Single Leg Deadlift: 5 each side
3. Backwards Lunges: 5 each side
4. Prone Triceps Ext: 10
5. Forward Jog and Lateral Shuffle: Approx 3-5 min
Description: Description:<br /> 3-4 sets of the following exercises in a circuit or for 40s:
1. 5 Cone Drill: Star Pattern (20s each person) *Set up 5 cones *Run to center cone #1 then touch outer cone #2 back to center Next outer cone #3, etc *Stay Low
2. Plate/DB/SB One Arm Bent Over Rows (20s each side) *Squeeze
3. TRX Sprinter Start (20s each side)
4. Wall Squat Hold with Mb Btw Knees *Head & Shoulders Back –arms at 90 degrees
5. Battle Ropes: Alternating Wave on 1 Foot (10 s on each foot) *Underhand Grip Modify with Both Feet on Ground *Partner hold rope also standing on 1 foot
6. Prone Triceps Ext. (Ground) *Knees bent for most unless very strong *Butt Tight *Elbows In
7. MB/SB Single Leg Deadlift (20s each side) *Attempt to touch MB to ground if possible
Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)
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