Camp San Carlos 3/28/12- 28 Minute Total Body TABATA Fat Blaster

Boot Camp San Carlos 3/28/12-  28 Minute Total Body TABATA Fat Blaster
Dynamic Warm-Up: 10 Min
Preparation: 3-5 Min
1. Mountain Climbers: 10 Each
2.  Sit-Ups: 10
3.  Burpee Close Grip Push-Up  with In-Out Bonus: 3
4.  Squats: 10
5.  Alternating Forward Lunges: 5-10 Each
6.  Forward Jog/Lateral Shuffle: 2 Full Laps Around Court
TABATA: Perform each exercise for 20s with 10 s rest for 6-8 sets total. Do all 8 sets before moving to next exercise
1.      SB Back Squats *Shoulders relaxed *Get Low
2.      Lateral Shuffles Liners for 20s-Use 3-4 cones *Stay Low *AKA Suicides
3.      MB Close Grip Burpee Push-Up  with In-Out Bonus *Lock Shoulders
4.      Neutral Grip Pull-Ups or (TRX Rows – Menlo & RWC)  *Squeeze
5.      MB Wall Sit-Ups
6.      Alternating Step-Ups *4sets leading with each leg
7.      Matt Push *Stay Low *Arms in line with ears & straight
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