Menlo Park Boot Camp 3/31/12- All In One- Strength, Cardio & Core Workout

Menlo Park Boot Camp 3/31/12- All In One- Strength, Cardio & Core Workout

Pre-Workout Core Training/Preparation:

  1. 4 Point Tuck with Opposite Arm & Leg: 5x10s Hold x 1 Set *Lock Shoulders Back & Down
  2. Plank with Triceps Extension: 10 *Just drop elbows *Go on knees as needed
  3. Bridges: 10
  4. Squats: 10
  5. Split Squats: 5 Each Side
  6. Reverse Wood Chops: 5 Each Side

Workout: Perform the exercises (as fast as possible with good form) below in circuit for 40s for 3


  1. Bosu/Disc Unstable Squats *Lead from hips
  2. Plate/DB Reverse Wood Chops (20s each side) *Weight Shift with movement *Move from core
  3. TRX Biceps Curls
  4. Ball Leg Curls with Ball *Hips up
  5. Split Squats with Band Row (20s each side) *3B’s
  6. Bench/Mat Triceps Ext. *Just drop elbows towards ground on this exercise * Not a press for the chest
  7. Rope: Kneeling Position Overhand Snake (20s for speed)

*After each exercise above perform the following cardio movement for 30s  (no need to write these on the board-just yell out so that the group all does the same cardio movement)

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Mountain Climbers *Knees barely off the ground
  3. Front-Back Jumping Jacks
  4. High Knee Runs
  5. In-In-Out-Out Footwork Drill (15 s leading with each foot)
  6. Forward-Forward-Back-Back Footwork Drill (15 s leading with each foot)
  7. Butt Kicks
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