Redwood City Group Personal Training 3/23/12- Strength Fat Loss Workout

Redwood City Group Personal Training 3/23/12Strength Fat Loss Workout
Preparation (10-12 minutes)
Prep Exercises:
1. Split Squat: 5 Reps Each Side
2. Squats: 15
3. Lateral Hop: 5 Reps Each Side
4. Close Grip Push-Ups: 5 Reps
5. Elbow Plank-Lateral Plank Combo: 3 Each
6. Bridges: 15
Core: Perform 1-2 rounds of the following as a group with good form:
1. 4 PT Tuck with Opp. Arm & Leg: 6x10s Hold
2. Lower Ab Curls with Wide Knees: 1 Min
3. Seated Russian Twist: 1 Min *Extend arms to make harder *Feet off to make harder
Challenge Workout: Perform the following exercises for 4 rounds as fast or as challenging as possible with good form. Today’s goal is strength. You will see the reps are lower so increase intensity as tolerated.
1. Ring Lateral Hop: 10 Reps Each Side *Hop= 1 foot *Work on power, not speed today
2. MB Close Grip Push-Up: 6 Reps *Make it tough *For the guys have a partner provide resistance to make them fatigue at 6 reps *Elbows in *Lock *Wide feet to make easier
3. Liners (AKA Suicides): 3x (5 cones) *Stay Low
4. SB Split Squat with Foot on Bench/Low Step: 8 Reps Each Side *No bench for beginners or those with pain *Keep Tuck
5. Plate Bent Over Rows: 6 Rows *Make it tough-use 25-45’s (Did Fat Man Rows in Video) *Butt Out *Flat Back *For the guys have a partner provide resistance to make them fatigue at 6 reps
6. Plate Suitcase Deadlift: 6 Each Side *Make it tough-use 25-45’s *Stand on matt *Butt Out *Flat Back
7. Elbow Plank-Lateral Plank Combo: 5 Each
8. Ball Leg Curls: 10 Reps *For the guys have a partner provide resistance to make them fatigue at 10 reps
Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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