Personal Training Menlo Park Boot Camp 4/7/12- Total Body Fat Burner

Personal Training Menlo Park Boot Camp 4/7/12-  Total Body Fat Burner
Warm-Up & Review Movements Below (15 min)
Workout: Perform the following exercises for 30 min as fast or as challenging as possible with good form. Perform in any order.
1. TRX Squat Jumps:  20  *Modify with squats for those who can’t jump
2. Bosu Crunches: 15 *Increase lever to make harder – extend arms overhead or hold MB or SB
3. MB Wall Kneeling Triceps Throw: 15 *Catch ball and immediately throw
4. 5 Yard Cone Drill-Lateral Shuffle:  10 Total Touches (5 each)
5. Battle Ropes: Standing Overhand Grip One Arm Slam: 15 Each Arm *Slam as hard as possible – One Rep Max
6. Swiss Ball Leg Curls: 10 *One Leg if Possible
7. Back Lunge with Tubing Pull-Aparts: 10 Each Leg *Squeeze & Hold
8. Glider Push-Up Hold with In-Out Movement: 15 *Stay Tight *Push-Up Position *Add Push Up For Those That Didn’t Do Push-Ups Yesterday
Circle Time: Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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