Redwood City Personal Training Boot Camp 4/9/12- "Fight Gone Ugly" Lower Body/Core Workout

Redwood City Personal Training Boot Camp  4/9/12- “Fight Gone Ugly” Lower Body/Core Workout
Dynamic Warm-Up with Exercise Review: 10-15 min
  1. Forward Lunges: 5 each side  *Core Tight *Keep Shoulders Back & Down
  2. Imaginary Jump Rope: 25 *Heels barely off ground on balls of feet
  3. Boxers Side to Side Squats (with hands up): 5 each side
  4. Boxing Combinations: 1-2 min
  5. Single Leg Deadlifts: 5 each side *Hinge from hip *Keep Flat Back
  6. Semi-Circle Drill: 30 s
  7. Sit-Ups with RT- LT Punch: 1 Min *1-2 Combo with Right & Left Hand While Crunching Up
Description: each exercise in circuit for 2 minutes for 2 rounds:
1.     Jump Rope *Heels barely off ground on balls of feet *Stay Relaxed
2.     SB Forward Lunges *Hold SB In Front to Keep Shoulders Back & Down
3.     Plate Single Leg Deadlifts *Hinge from hip (one minute each side) *Keep Flat Back *Butt Out *Stand on mat/bench as needed to go lower with deadlift
4.     Band Horizontal Trunk Rotations (one minute each side)  *Move from waist *Arms straight
5.     Boxers Side to Side Squats *Hands Up *Partial Squat
6.     Medicine Ball Semi-Circle (one minute each side) *Keep feet moving at all times *Balls of feet
7.     Boxing Combinations
Jog/Walk: If time
Circle Time: Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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