There is nothing better than the feeling of giving to those in need

Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend with my family and I had the opportunity to volunteer for 3 different projects on the peninsula for Compassion Weekend. As I mentioned last week, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church puts on Compassion Weekend. This has been a vehicle to mobilize thousands of people to make a difference in the Bay Area. I assisted in the Ravenswood Community Yard Sale on Friday, prayers for those in need on Saturday and a project to build playhouses for kids in need (see photo on the right- I am not such a good artist, so Chris & Maya made it look good) on Sunday. It was fun to help given I made the time and it was even better that my family and friends joined in. There is nothing better than the feeling of giving to those in need.

On Friday, I put out an email on upcoming fitness events and mentioned that Tough Mudder-Tahoe should be selling out and the price goes up on May 1st. If you have been putting off signing up and you have a calling to do it, now is the time: Commit To Be Fit!

In this newsletter, you will see an article called “8 Lies Fitness Magazines Tell You” and my 10 Day Detox Apple-Coconut Smoothie recipe below.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Have a great week!