Focus on the Good Stuff

It’s easy to only focus on the foods that you’re not supposed to eat, but by changing your focus to all the foods that you are able to freely eat you’ll stay motivated and stick with it.

Pack as many non-starchy vegetables as you’d like into your daily diet as well as fresh, seasonal fruits. Experiment with different methods of preparation for exciting variety.

One service I have not promoted in a long time is “The Supermarket Tour.”

In a 50 minute session, we will review and put together meal ideas for you and your family right there in the market.

  • We will spend time in the most important parts of the market- the perimeter.
  • We will spend less time in the middle of the market and generally avoid those foods near the check-out aisles that typically grab your attention.
  • You will leave with a cart full of food to bring home for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners.
  • These will be simple meals that we will throw together on the fly based upon your preferences and goals.
  • You will also receive my RESET Nutrition & Lifestyle Program. This program is loaded with fat loss tips, easy recipe ideas, and an approved food list.
  • I do not have a lot of time on my schedule, but I will do my best to find a time for you.

Email me @ and send me some days and times that work for you.