Redwood City Gym Boot Camp Program 6/28/12- 21 Day Bikini Body Program Core-Cardio Fun!

Redwood City Gym Boot Camp Program 6/28/12-  21 Day Bikini Body Program Core-Cardio Fun!
Warm-Up: Floor Stretches  (4 min)
Phase 2: None
Phase 3: None 
Obstacle Course/Bike: 4 Min
Perform the following exercises in a circuit for 3 rounds for 50s each before moving onto the next station. Rest for 10s in between exercises and 30 between stations.
Station 1:
1.Supine Lower Ab Curl with MB In Between Knees & Calves *Hands behind head or off to sides *Lift pelvis & curl *Move from center
2.Front to Back Jumping Jacks *Feet go front to back *Arms go front to back also *Heels relaxed
3.Lateral Ball Roll*Keep hips up & level *
Description: 2:
1.MB Supine 3 Way Chops: Chop Right –>Center–> Left *MB overhead or at forehead and chop to rt, center and lt and then repeat
2.Ladder: Icky Shuffle-Forward & Back *Jog back to start after each one *Pattern is in-in-out *Quick feet
3.Ball Side Lying Groin (25s each side) *Top leg on ball and bottom leg goes up & down *Stay tight *Can also do this with top leg on bench/mat/step *3B’s
Station 3:
1.Glider Plank with AB/AD *3 B’s *Lock
2.Forward-Forward-Back-Back Over Line (25s leading with each foot)
3. Swiss Ball Hip Ext with MB between ankles if tolerated *Squeeze butt *Can also use steps/benches/mat instead of ball- they need to be high
Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min
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