Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 7/13/12- Friday the 13th Total Body Challenge

Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 7/13/12- Friday the 13th Total Body Challenge
3 Phase Warm-Up: 

Phase 1: Foundation Mobility Training (2 Min) 
Phase 2: Core (Perform the following movements for 40s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets (Total Time: 4:30)
1. Single Leg V-Up with Oposite Hand Reach *Tongue on roof *3 B’s *Exhale with crunch *Reach to opposite foot and alternate sides
2. Side Lying Groin Raise (Right side) *Bottom legs goes up & down *3 B’s
3. Side Lying Groin Raise (Left side)
Phase 3: None
CHallenge of the Day: 400 Reps + 1 mile
· Perform the following exercises for 50 reps each
· You can perform all the reps at one time or mix up the exercises.
1. Backwards Lunge with Straight Leg Raise (25 each leg) *Keep arms up
2. Push-Ups with Hand Walk (50) *Whatever direction the walk, lead with that hand *3 B’s *Lock Shoulders Back & Down
3. Squats with Side Leg Raise (25 each leg) *Can add weight to make harder
4. Modified Superman (50) *Bring elbows to back pockets *Start with arms extended
5. Bridge with Leg Raise (25 each leg) *Keep hips up & level *Can add MB Under Foot To Make Harder *Keep leg straight
6. Crunch with Hip Opener (50) *Keep legs straight
7. Side Arm Push-Up (25 each arm) *Full ROM *Lock Shoulders Back & Down
8. Plate/SB/DB Bent Over Row (50) (Jumping Reverse Pull-Up in video) *Squeeze
9. Walk/Jog/Sprint (Approx 12 Laps) *Can break up laps above or three 3 min fast jogs *Can use SB
Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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