Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 7/20/12- 1000 Rep Boot Camp Challenge

Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 7/20/12-  1000 Rep Boot Camp Challenge

3 Phase Warm-Up:
Phase 1:  Foundation Mobility Training (2 Min)
*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 5s rest, 6 total sets for Phases 2
Phase 2: Core (Perform the following movements for 40s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets (Total Time: 4:30)
1.     Quadruped (Opp. Arm & Leg Hold for 2s) *Alt. sides *Lock
2.     Supine Bridge with Leg Raise (Alt. Legs) *Hips level *Straight leg raise –get stretch in hams *Toes to nose
3.    Prone Aquaman *Relax shoulders
You can perform all the reps at one time or mix up the exercises.
1000 Rep Challenge (500 Reps Jump Ropes + 500 Reps Strength)

This workout is GREAT and will take the majority of class time.
*Mix up movements as needed based upon fitness and equipment availability.

*Walk/Jog ¼ mile instead of jump rope as needed or use tramp. 100 Jump Ropes *Heels barely off ground
50 SB/MB Clean Hold Push Press *1/4 squat *Control downward phase of press and squat, then explode up *Modify angle of press and ROM as needed *Elbows in
50 Dip/Pull-Up Bar Lower Abdominal Curl Up  (Dip or Pull-Up Hang Position) *Keep Lock *Modify at park with TRX Jack Knife or Lower ab Curl Up 
100 Jump Ropes
50 MB Push-Ups (25 per side) *Ball under hand *Turn elbows in *Lock
50 Bicycle Crunches (25 per side) *3 B’s *Look at middle thighs *Move from core *Tongue on roof *Lower legs to increase intensity  
100 Jump Ropes 
50 Walking Lunges (25 per leg) 
50 Sit–Ups *Elbows to Mid-Thighs
100 Jump Ropes 
50 Burpees 
50 5-Yard Lateral Cone Touches *Modify by standing upright 
100 Jump–Ropes 
50 Fat Man Rows or TRX Rows 
50 Elbow Plank with Butt Kicks (25/side) *Feet together
Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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