Get Back On Your Routine with the 5 Day Detox & 3 Session Boot Camp Trial

Happy Labor Day!

On Thursday, I wrote an article “Make Yourself a Priority.” If you missed it check it out here: Read This Article And Achieve Your Goals

In the article I mentioned that I was going to give you a nutrition & exercise model for the achievement of your health & fitness goals.

Given it is September, the time is NOW. Vacations are over, kids are back in school and the holidays are coming.

If you do not get into a routine NOW, the holidays may be very painful.

Here is what I have for you to achieve your goals before 2013:

3 Session Boot Camp Programs Trial For Only $29 ($200 value)

This 3 session trial comes with the following:

  • 3 Boot Camp Sessions ($60 value)
  • 30 minute, nutrition & lifestyle coaching session-we will create a game plan for your goals and you will leave with a plan or success ($65 value)
  • RESET Nutrition & Lifestyle Program ($39 value)
  • Fat Loss Power Shakes Recipe Guide ($29 value)

For more information and to sign up: Shamp’s Boot Camps

And, then we have the most important part of the equation….NUTRITION

The 5 Day Detox is one of my newest programs designed to help those who need it to lose 5 pounds in 5 days, while at the same time improving digestion, energy and hormonal balance. It also stops carbohydrates & sugar cravings for most.

This is a great jump start program!

Check out the 5 Day Detox Program here: 5 Day Detox

Until 9/9/12 at mid-night you will receive a $10 discount (given at check-out).

Also, 30% OFF Whey Protein to complement 5 Day Detox. Get a 1 LB Raw Undenatured High Quality Whey Protein for only $36.

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Have a great week!