Congrats Tahoe Tough Mudders!

Congratulations to all the Tahoe Tough Mudders out there.

We had 28 on our team and there were 15,000 people at the Saturday event.

It ended up being a 12 mile altitude workout. Those hills were just a tad bit harder than our bay area hills 🙂

If you think you can’t do this you can!

Jenny K. had a baby 4 months ago and did the event in 2:45.

All those who did the event the year before had even better finish times.

Many of the 15,000 were walking at least 50% of the event.

What’s better than a hike in the mountains with 15,000 of your new closest friends?

I hope to see you at the next Tough Mudder.

Remember, this Saturday I am going to do another 10 Day Detox (the link below is now working). Do you want to join me? I am going to commit to a vegetarian diet for 10 days to give my digestive system a break. If you join me you will achieve the following:

  • You will get a chance to be a vegetarian for 10 days and this will reduce your digestive stress also. This is something most of us deal with every day. It is harder to digest animal proteins, so many will see and feel less bloating, gas, constipation and more with a “good” vegetarian diet. Most vegetarian diets are not that great given the tendency for a high amount of starchy carbs, white flour, pasteurized dairy and sugar.
  • You will be able to find out how you feel without the common food stressors for 10 days. Many have food intolerances and allergies to very similar foods: dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, nuts, seeds, etc. By removing and introducing these foods back after a break you will identify foods that make you feel your absolute best and those that do not.

As many of you know I am a big promoter of group activities and community. I thought it would be great to get a group together again, so we can all support each other. We all need support right? Even me. With support, we can get through it together and share shake recipes & lifestyle habits to make the program even more successful.

I am going to start my Detox on September 29th (always good to start on a weekend to prepare) so this is the day the group will start. If that doesn’t work for you, no worries. You can start at any time. There will be group introduction Wednesday, September 26th @ 6:30 pm and September 27th @ 12 pm at my private studio in Belmont.

If you can’t make the group meetings based upon your schedule or you live out of the area, we will have a pre-detox phone conference on September 27th @ 6:00 pm PST.

There will be a post detox phone conference on October 8th@ 6:30 pm PST.

50 spots will be available for this Fall Back to School cleanse program.

So, if you want to be one of the 50 people to get a deal on this Fall Back To School cleanse program and figure out what foods are creating your stress in only 10 days, then sign up here: 10 Day Group Detox to join me for some fun.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family members, as this is sure to help them also.

For more details, testimonials on the program and to sign up go here:

10 Day Group Detox Sale (15% Discount Given At Checkout)

Sale extended to 9/28/12 at mid night.

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Have a great week!