Belmont Personal Training Boot Camp 11/7/12- Upper Body/Speed/Agility/Core Workout‏

This WOD will be a upper body focus.

Old workout:

Belmont Personal Training Boot Camp  11/7/12- Upper Body/Speed/Agility/Core Workout
Foundation Mobility Training (3 Min)

Perform the following drills for 10 yards and then jog back to start:

1. March: 2x *Focus on drive of foot

2. Skip: 4x *Focus on drive of foot

3. High Knee Run: 4x *Focus on drive of foot *Work on leg turnover

4. Lateral Step: 2x Each *Athletic position-lateral step to right and focus on pushing off with left foot. Repeat for other direction.Stay low.

5. Lateral Shuffle: 2x Each *Stay low

6. Carioca: 2x Each

7. Walking Runners Lunge: 2x

8. Walking Single Leg Deadlifts: 2x *Bend from hip and try to touch ground *Alt. legs

9. Burpee Long Jump: 2x


*Review WOD below,  assign campers stations and immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 15s rest, 6 sets Program: 40s circuit : 3-4  sets

1.    Plate/SB Bent Over Rows (2 sec hold-Squeeze Shoulder Blades) *Core Tight *Butt Out

2.    Swiss Ball Push Ups *Hands on Ball and Feet Elevated for Advanced

3.    Battle Rope: Jumping Jacks (20s only) & Jumping Jacks (20s)

4.    TRX Triceps Extensions & TRX Biceps Curls (20s Each)  *Keep Elbows In *Hold and Squeeze at Bottom of Movement for 1-2s

5.    DB/Band Bent Over Rev Fly (2 sec hold-Squeeze Shoulder Blades) * Bend from hip

6.    Glider Push Up Hold with Hand AB/AD *Move Hands In & Out Towards Midline  *Stay tight


Circle Time: Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)


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