Redwood City Personal Trainer Workout 11/16/12- World's Tough Mudder Challenge Workout‏

Redwood City Personal Trainer Workout 11/16/12- World’s Tough Mudder Challenge Workout‏

Warm-Up & Preparation (15 minutes) *Go over WOD Exercises below Here
1.    Squats:  10
2.    Squat Jumps: 5  *Start and end with arm over head
3.    Burpees with Push-Up: 3
4.    Ab Reaches: 5 Each Side
5.    Cobra: 10
6.    Walk/Jog/Sprint: 2 Laps
Perform the following exercises for 30 minutes as fast as possible with good form. You can mix up the order as needed/desired as you choose.
1.    5-yard Lateral Cone Touch: 15 Total Cone Touches *Stay Low
2.    Burpees with Push-Up—> Deck Squat: 15 *Perform burpee with push up and then before standing go into deck squat with jump up *Avoid Push-Up for those with pain in shoulders/neck or posture issues
3.    TRX T: 15
4.    Walk/Jog/Sprint: 3 Laps
5.    Pull-Ups or Partner Pull-Ups: 15
6.    Mat Jump: 15 *Modify with Step Ups  *Start and end with arm over head
7.    Ab Reaches:15 Each*Right hand-Left Foot, etc… *Straight Legs *Full Rom –come all the way down
8.    Back Extension with Feet Anchored: 15 *Perform exercise lying prone on bench/mat/gymnastic horse- hang over object *Partner holds feet or legs for anchor *Arms crossed on shoulders
Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)
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