On-Line Farmers Market Coming to Belmont on Tuesday & Boot Camp Tank-T-Shirt Pre-Order By June 16th

Hello Boot Campers,


I am going to be placing an order for NEW Shamp’s Boot Camps Tanks & T’s on Monday.


Please see the attached and let me know if you want one if you haven’t already.


Women’s tanks come in Red, Black & Pink. $12 each


Men’s tank/T’s come in Black, Red, White $15 each


Please indicate your size and color when ordering.

Also, I sent the email below two weeks ago about the new on-line farmers market coming to my Harbor Studio in Belmont.
This is a really cool service if you are around the Belmont area on Tuesdays.

You order your organic locally grown food here–> Farmingo and it will be delivered to my Harbor Studio on Tuesday.

Your food will be delivered in a bag with your name on it. Pick it up between 1-7 and you are off.

No wasted time and you can pick the food you want unlike other delivery services.

Farmers markets are the best place to get almonds given they are unpasteurized. Even Whole Foods pasteurizes almonds these days, which denatures the almonds. Lot’s of good stuff this time of the year–> Farmingo

Check out the email below if you missed it here–> Do you want local, organic food?


Your friend & coach,


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