"I never thought I would like working out…try Burlingame Boot Camp"

def of success“I started Brien’s bootcamps in February 2013 after getting a groupon. I wasn’t sure I would stick with the program, but after the first month and how great I felt, I didn’t want to stop. They are very accommodating; if I couldn’t do something, there was a modification. Hearing the word bootcamp scared me before because I pictured a man yelling at me, and that is the exact opposite of what happens in this class. There are people of all ages and abilities in this class.

Tonya, the instructor, is AMAZING! She remembers everyone’s names, which is a definite plus. I always feel welcomed when I walk in. She picks great music, demonstrates the workouts (even modifications for people), and always watches to make sure you are doing it correctly. She is very genuine and always wants to help, which makes going to bootcamp so enjoyable.

I never thought I would like working out. I even have a gym where I live and couldn’t get myself on a routine. Now I don’t think about it and know when I’m going and at what time. They make it so easy. Just show up! Plus, I feel more motivated to go to my gym or go on a run.

I can’t say enough good things about this bootcamp! It has really gotten me back into working out and I am feeling so much better. Thanks Tonya & Brien!!!” Kim D.  San Mateo, CA


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