2014 Success Workshop

  • How was your 2013?
  • Did you achieve your health and fitness goals? Professional goals? Family goals?
  • Did your health & fitness prevent you from attaining some of your other goals in 2013?
  • What are you up to in 2014?
  • What are you going to do differently in 2014 that will allow you to live the life of your dreams?
  • Where will you be at the end of 2014? The same as you are now or better?

It has been proven that those with a plan are more likely to achieve success.

Do you need some help with your plan?

I am going to have a Group 2014 Success Workshop next Sunday, January 5th @ 5 pm.

This will be a FREE workshop open to everyone in my community, but only those looking to take action in 2014.

If you are unwilling to change your habits and are not open to possibility, this workshop is not for you.

In this workshop you will:

  • IDENTIFY your 2014 goals and more importantly…what you really want.
  • CREATE a 3 month game plan that will make your 2014 goals inevitable.
  • LEARN the #1 Tip for boosting your metabolism and finally losing the stubborn fat around the midsection, back of your arms and thighs!
  • DISCOVER the TRUTH about your metabolism and why your current lifestyle habits may be sabotaging your results!
  • LEARN it doesn’t have to be that hard, and that you may in fact be wasting your time doing the wrong things for your goal achievement.
  • DISCOVER why eating the wrong foods, counting calories and excessive steady state cardio can actually make you FATTER!

This will be a 75-90 minute interactive and fun workshop that will help get you on track and FOCUSED for SUCCESS in 2014!!!

Your 3 month game plan will help guide you through the 1st quarter of 2014 and help you stay on course!

And best of all….this workshop is COMPLETELY FREE!

Why is this free?

My passion is to help as many as I can learn the truth about what it takes to be happy, fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, I only have limited space at my fitness studio in Belmont, so I am only taking the first 25 people who sign up for this workshop using my online scheduling system.

Sign up here–> 2014 Success Workshop

If you can’t make it, please be sure to provide 48 hours’ notice so that I can give your spot to someone else.

Your friend & coach,