“Serious knowledge with low key attitudes, and great flexibility at Shamp’s Boot Camps”

“They do a great job of combining serious knowledge with low key attitudes, and great flexibility.
This is truly a program that you get out what you put into it, and they do a great job on variety so as to not get bored no matter how often you come, to variety of skills or situations if you have new or old injuries.

This was never more pronounced then when I showed up for boot camp the morning after a hard 1/2 marathon for me, complaining about my knee, and I asked if I needed to do some exercise to strengthen my legs to better support my knee.  Brien took one look at my bare feet and said ‘it’s not your legs, it’s your feet’.  Pressed on my apparently swollen knuckle at the ball of my foot and said I needed to work on getting my toes and feet back into alignment and gave suggestions on how to do so.  After following his instructions, and his boot camps, managed to do another 1/2 a few months later, and not a single issue with my knee.
Also- I loved his 10-day detox last year, I’ll be trying the 21 this year, and will report back.”


Lisa J. Redwood City


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