Sleep more to lose body fat, weight and improve performance

Pamper_PartyI have been talking about the need for RECOVERY quite a bit lately because most of us are over-committed in life.

With the advent of technology, we have interestingly taken on MORE.

More is expected from us wherever we go and we do our best to squeeze it all in.

But, we can only do so much and give so much before we break… mentally and physically.

Although daily exercise is important and I would love for you to join my boot camp program, we are putting even more energy out.

Those that are successful with my program realize that exercise is only one part of the health & fitness equation and they really need to work on ways to recover from both life and the exercise program.

Here are some ways to recover to attain better balance:

  • Meditation
  • Proper Hydration
  • Optimal Food Intake (high quality, ideal food combining, good preparation)
  • Supplement as needed
  • Sleep
  • Massage
  • Low- Moderate Intensity Movement (Walk in nature, chi gong, swim, yoga, cycle)
  • Sauna, Bath, Heat
  • Relationships That Give You Energy vs. Taking Your Energy

I hope you can make my “I am a Priority! Faire on Saturday. This is for current clients and a friend. Reply back  to RSVP. You will meet some great practitioners that can help you attain balance in this crazy world we live in.

One of my goals is for you to have a scheduled massage at least one time per month. Saturday, you could get 8 – 15 minute sessions at no cost 🙂

At this time, we have 60 people coming. There are 20 spots available.

Below is an article from my friends at Smart Group Training on improving sleep to improve performance. Sleep is an often missed need we all have 🙁


Getting the proper quantity and quality of sleep is so important to make sure you and your clients are performing at the highest level. We know that this is something that is often overlooked and can be a major cause for plateau and disease.

That’s why this week we have a great article that talks about recovery but more importantly some outstanding advice on how to get better sleep. We all could use that!!

Check out the article here–> SLEEP

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