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Jenny King won the 6-Week New Year’s Revolution Transformation Challenge and received a $500 check for her new outfit at Nordstrom’s.

As you can see in the photo above she looked great before, but now she is even better. She was also able to get control of her carb cravings and did 32 more burpees at the end of week 6.

I want to give an honorable mention to Debora Lin, who trains at the Menlo Park location. What an amazing commitment Debora has! She keeps getting better. She enters each challenge and completes them with amazing results. Debora lost another 8.5 pounds and 2.8% body fat in the 6 week challenge. She also added 13 more burpees from pre to post testing. See her weekly workout schedule below:

 deb's schedule

Check out Jenny’s 6 week transformation story below and see how she did it:

“I had eaten my fair share of holiday treats (starting with the first Halloween candy in October and up to the carb-loaded New Year’s Eve meal), and my all my clothes were fitting just a little too snuggly. I was happy to complain how uncomfortable I felt in my own skin, but unmotivated to actually do anything about it. So, my husband–knowing how fiercely competitive I am–suggested I participate in the 6-week challenge. I love a good challenge, so once I decided that I was going to do this, I was going to do this.

The 6 weeks weren’t easy. I’m a bona-fide sugar and carb addict who loves to celebrate the end of the day with my favorites guys, Ben and Jerry. But, in order to win the challenge, I knew I had to give up both sugar and carbs. The first week was horrible–I was horrible, super grouchy and irritable. Then, a funny thing happened. Those sugar and carb cravings went away. Well, not completely, but to a much more manageable point.

Once I saw that I was actually losing weight by going to boot camp and modifying my diet, I didn’t want to interrupt the process by sneaking off with Ben or Jerry. I changed my mentality so that eating healthy (and thus consuming less calories) was more important than the temporary sugar rush.

To keep the challenge going now that the 6-week challenge has ended, I’m looking forward to participating in upcoming Spartan and Tough Mudder races with Brien’s boot camps. They’re a great incentive for me to not lose the momentum I’ve built and keep off the weight that I’ve lost.

To anyone that wants to modify their lifestyle, either by losing weight, exercising more, or eating healthier, I would suggest finding a truly compelling incentive and then “going for it.” For me, the pure challenge (and of course the purse-prize incentive–hello Nordstrom!) was enough to keep me focused during the 6 weeks. Now, not only do I look better, but more importantly, I feel better–something that never happened after I ate a pint of Ben and Jerries.”

Are you ready for the next challenge? The next challenge will be starting March 10th and it will be 12 weeks long to get you ready for summer.

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