3 Kids and Never Better

detox2“Thank you Brien Shamp, http://www.facebook.com/l/7AQEju-FgAQEkQotxNEhotN5esLhvpDrFfQq7g8M-eMY1Hg/www.brienshamp.com/, my awesome brother-in-law, for helping me get back in my jeans! Moving with 3 kids, one of them 5 weeks old, not so easy. There was a lot on my plate and I was just eating whatever was convenient. Jamaica was coming, 2 choices…buy new wardrobe or lose some L Bees. I followed Brien’s 5 day cleanse and by day 4, I was back in some clothes. I kept doing it for a couple weeks and by Jamaica…I was feeling like me again. Then, the holidays came around, and I really dove in. We hosted family for over 20 days and enjoyed many awesome meals, wine, chocolate, sweets, etc. I turned to Brien again and this time took on the 21 day cleanse. AH! Finally back to myself and am not even wanting sugar or gluten anymore. I sure like my coffee and a glass of wine though!” Susan J.

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