“Lana Highly Recommends Burlingame Boot Camp”

success3“I too was the proud owner of a groupon for this and have tried a few others over recent years in a quest to find something that fits. Most of the others I’ve tried didn’t stick for a number of reasons. As a busy working mom of two girls, it has to be really great to get me out of the house and away from work and family and the 4000 emails I need to deal with today. Finally, I found what I have been looking for.  Tonya is terrific and her 6 am class is amazing. It’s a great way to start the day — no traffic, easy parking and nice people.

Tonya seems to see and hear everything and she’s wherever she needs to be watching, helping and cheering you on (Woohoo!) I was pretty stiff and a bit sore on day two (in a good way) and without being intrusive and without my saying anything, she checked on me to make sure everything was alright when she saw me moving slowly. Week 2 has been great.  She is really motivating, runs a solid class and a tight ship that starts and ends on time. Emails from Brien to new folks and members are also keeping me engaged online and a special 6 week challenge has me clearly focused on my goals. Well run. Nice facility in back of Gold Medal.  Highly recommend.” Lana G. Burlingame

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