Challenge yourself to be better (Spartan Sprint at AT&T Park August 9th)

Spartan_SprintWhat’s on your checklist this year? Being the best you that you can be? Trying a new challenge and proving to yourself you can do it?

I have some exciting news. Well, at least I am excited 🙂

The Spartan Sprint is coming to AT&T Park in San Francisco on August 9th. This will be an awesome event for those of you new to the sport of obstacle racing. Anyone can do this. You can even walk it but just try and do your best (so fast walk).

It’s only 3 miles and the venue is really cool! We will be running in the park and doing all kinds of crazy obstacle stuff. If you are in my boot camps, you are pre-qualified.

Who’s In? We will have a team and I would love you to join.

I hope to see many of you boot campers out there. You will be well prepared with our weekly training program!

Take advantage of pre-registration pricing–> Spartan Sprint

You will fill out a quick 3 field form, so that when VIP registration opens next week you’ll pay just $75 (vs. the last minute registration price of $150). The pre-registration closes on April 1st!

Another short event you may be interested in is the Gladiator Rock ‘n’ Run. This is a 6K obstacle course in San Jose on June 28th. For more information go here–> Gladiator.

For those of you that are new to my programs, one of my fat loss tips is to schedule a fitness event (Fat Loss Tip #27). This has been proven to help give you or keep that motivation needed to continue an exercise program, nutrition & lifestyle that supports health, wellness & vitality.

Join Team Shamp for one of the events or both above and let’s have some fun as you reach your health & fitness goals!

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