The 21 day boot camp program was awesome.

securedownload“The 21 day boot camp program was awesome. It definitely increased my endurance and I was able to lose 4 pounds. I also started eating better. The program showed me that I did not poses the strength and balance I thought I still had and that I will need to work much harder to get it back and maintain it.  It was a great motivator to get my workout routine back on track. Several years ago after shoulder surgery, I changed my routine to be a lower impact routine and forgot how to get the heart rate up and sweat out the toxins. The other benefit was your ability to motivate your participants. I am now planning to participate in the stair climb on the 29th, which I would never had if I had not got back on track through your boot camp. I am going to wear my turnout and the air pack because I feel fit enough to not embarrass myself or my profession. The final benefit I learned through your boot camp was how to work through muscle strains and things to do to release the pain.”


John Healy

Deputy Fire Chief


For more information on programs go to: or call 650-654-4604.