San Carlos Boot Camp 4/7/14- Metabolic Fat Loss Workout

San Carlos Boot Camp 4/7/14–  Metabolic Fat Loss Workout

3 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1:  Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min) *Do mobility exercises for wrists

Phase 2: Review WOD below

Phase 3: Primal Movements: Review the WOD below for 5-10 reps *Goal is blood flow, not max efforts

*Review WOD below during Phase 2 & 3 above. After Phase 3 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 120s work time, 0s rest, 6 sets

As a Group: Have your campers perform the following 4 exercises for 8 reps each. They have 2 minutes to complete it. Set your gymboss/timer for every 2 minutes for them to restart and repeat. If your campers are getting too much rest have them do 9 reps of each. If they are not getting enough rest have them do 7 and etc. Complete 6 sets of 2 minutes. 2 Different Circuits.

Circuit #1:

·       8 Side Lying One Arm Push-Ups (each arm) *3B’s *Stack hips *Shoulders back & down *Legs straight to increase difficulty

·       8 Prisoner Split Squats (each leg) *3B’s *Shoulders back & down

·       8 DB/KB/Plate Bent Over Rows (each arm) *2B’s *Shoulders back & down *Squeeze shoulder blades *Make it a tough 8 reps, especially for the ladies

·       8 Cross Over Mountain Climbers (each leg) *3B’s *Shoulders back & down *Move from core

After Circuit #1: ¼ Mile Run

1-3 minutes Rest (Review Circuit #2 during this time)

Circuit #2:

·       8 Burpees *Hit chest to ground *3B’s

·       8 Pull-Ups or 8 Rope Climbs (each arm) or 8 Cargo Net Climbs (each arm) *3B’s

·       8 Prisoner Sumo Jump Squats *Wide feet *Toes out *2B’s *Get low with hips

·       8 Crab Walks (8 each arm and leg combos) *Butt 1”off ground *Shoulders back & down *Squeeze shoulder blades *2B’s

After Circuit #2: ¼ Mile Run

2-3 minutes Rest (Review Tabata Finisher during this time)

As a Group Finisher: Have them perform the following Tabata’s. 20 sec of work and 10 seconds of recovery for 8 sets (4 minutes).  Rest 30-60s between the two different exercises.

Tabata #1: Plank Jacks *Shoulders back & down *Keep core from sinking *3B’s

Tabata #2: Side Plank (4 sets each side) *3B’s *Shoulders back & down *Squeeze shoulder blades *Head straight *Increase intensity by doing leg raises with top leg *Lower intensity by crossing over top leg

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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