10-day detox was GREAT

10_detox_logo“Hi Brien.  Wanted to let you know the 10-day detox was GREAT.   I was text book as far as the experience….my “how I should feel today?” mapped almost exactly to how your emails said I should feel.   My experience started to be about weight loss, but by the 2nd day in, my intention changed to the primary focus being about getting and staying healthy!   Weight loss became secondary.    I would love to now talk to you about some of the weight loss options/products you mentioned in previous emails and also resources to keep on track with this healthy lifestyle.  I know you know, but still, I can’t tell you how great and energized I feel!   I’m having a wonderful time on this journey.”   Dena

For more information on the 10 Day Detox Programà www.10 DayDetox.com