You Need This (Self Massage Workshop This Saturday @ 10:15 am)

Foam_Roller_1The cause of pain for most people is generally the result of poor posture, bad ergonomics when sitting, foot dysfunction, sleep style, pattern overload (doing the same things over and over, resulting in overuse and compensations (i.e. texting, moussing, bending and lifting), inflammation (dietary intake, environmental toxins, etc.), side effects of pharmaceuticals (statins are notorious for this), stress, neurological guarding (you may move from point a-b; however, the body will shut down around the site of injury), deficiencies, weak core, muscular imbalances, and mobility issues.
When in pain many are told they are in need of more strengthening and stretching.
Yes, the right strength program can help but in 24 years I have not seen many reduce all of their pain from a strength program, stretching program or yoga program. Many times things actually get worse.
The key is to figure out the cause of pain (look into ergonomics, reduce gluten, talk to doc about statins, etc.). This may seem daunting, but this is what I did for 20 years prior to running boot camps and if you need help, I can assist or refer you to someone else who can.
After getting my degree in Bio-mechanics and graduate school in Exercise Physiology, I went to massage school. It was there  I realized that massage is the best treatment to prevent injuries, reduce pain and inflammation for existing injuries, for recovery and to prepare the body for movement. It is also great for relaxation and can assist with sleep.
Whether or not you work out regularly, you must get regular massage work if you want to limit your pain and recover faster. I recommend at least one massage a month from an experienced therapist

(send me an email if you want my recommended providers) and daily self massage using foam rollers and other tools.  Especially for those of you that exercise regularly because your connective tissues are being shortened with each rep and your body will develop more tension over time.
Unfortunately, if you don’t have pain, it is just a matter of time before you will. We all end up in pain cycles that can be reduced with massage.
The main issues with massage are the price for treatment from a high quality practitioner, time and it can often cause pain during the session.
More and more people are purchasing foam rolls and other self massage tools, but they are not using them due to lack of education and value.
Self massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself to reduce your pain and to get you out of a pain cycle. In addition, its free after you purchase the tools.
I have put together some videos for basic self massage education here: Videos; however, I have found you a Self Myofascial Release Expert…Wendy Figone.

Come experience a self massage workshop by Wendy (self myofascial release) at my Harbor Studio in Belmont this Saturday, May 31st from 10:15-11:30 am.
Learn how to use various tool to do your own release work.
This will be a very fun, informative and interactive workshop!
For more info and to sign up go to: Self Massage Workshop
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