Group Personal Training San Carlos Boot Camp 6/17/14: Partner Core – Cardio Workout

Group Personal Training San Carlos Boot Camp 6/17/14: Partner Core – Cardio Workout

Warm-Up: Floor Stretches (5 min) & Review of 3 Part Breathing & Abdominal Drawing In Maneuver *Explain that drawing in the belly, engaging bladder and imprinting the spine into the floor is the key set-up prior to all movements

Phase 2: Perform the following exercises in a circuit for 50s each with 10s rest in between for 2 rounds:

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

1.     Partner Lower Abdominal Curl Up with Knees Flexed (heels to butt) *Keep 3 B’s *Use MB to increase intensity *Hold each other’s forearms for anchor

2.     Partner Plank with Cross Hand High Five *Wide feet *Keep 3 B’s *Butt Down

3.     Partner Superman *Hold each other’s elbows and bring up and down with lower body hip ext.Bring arms off to the side slightly, so people do not engage upper traps *Straight arms & legs *2B’s

Phase 3: Review of core-cardio exercises below. This will be a group workout.

Alternate the following ball related core-cardio exercises for 40s each, two at a time for 3 rounds with 15s rest in between. Then perform next two until complete.*If odd, number perform in 3 or use wall.

1.     MB Lateral Shuffle with Partner: 20s each side *Relax heels *Return back to start ASAP to avoid getting trampled by other campers *Hands in front of chest *Open hands

2.     MB/SB Partner Back to Back Flexion- Extension: 20s each partner goes up *Partners alternate going up into extension *2B’s *Going up is the hard part of the movement *Use a heavy ball for this movement *Keep arms straight to increase intensity

3.     MB Seated Partner Sit Up with Russian Twist & Chest Pass *Partners face each other *When camper receives ball in sit up position (avoid coming all the way up to still feel tension in abs) rotate right to leftà bring ball overhead and relax spine to the groundàpass ball to partner *Feet up if possible when rotating *Extend arms to make harder *Face each other *3B’s

4.     MB Forward-Backwards Jog with Partner *Partners say switch to let each other know it is time to go forward or back (back- back- back- switch)*Go as slow as needed *Hands in front of chest *Open hands

5.     MB Kneeling Side Rotation: 20s each side *Partners facing the same direction *3B’s *Extend arms to make harder *Rotate from core

6.     Tennis Ball Semi Circle Drill with Partner *One partner moves in a semi-circle while the other is stationary with feet moving *Hands in front of chest *Open hands

 Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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