This Guy Lost 30 LBS. Of Fat With Prograde’s Help (story inside)

Recently, Prograde sent out a phenomenal fat loss story and my friend Billy Beck is the guy talking about it, so I know it is legit.

Billy and I met each other at the World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest in 1999, which was a Met-Rx contest back in the day.

Billy ended up winning two years in a row and went to train a number of professional athletes and actors including “The Rock”, which I think is cool.

I like Billy always try to be on the cutting edge, so whatever he recommends is generally right on. 

Check out the story below: 

I want to share with you Troy’s story. Troy noticed that his fat loss and results in the gym started to slow down to a snail’s crawl.   

However, in just 6 short weeks, he had dropped 20 lbs. and was looking and feeling his best. Check Troy out here–> Troy’s Story

At the end of 12 weeks, he has lost a total of 30 lbs. and “had shoulders and legs like never before.” 

What was his secret?  

Discover How Troy Lost 30 lbs. In 12 Weeks (plus other awesome success stories)–> Success


I have tried Prograde’s product myself and I received good benefits from it. I like to use it prior to workouts.

However, remember you can’t take a product to fix a bad diet or lifestyle. Billy and I both only recommend this solution for those who have dialed in their food, sleep and exercise.

Let me know what you think.

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