Dang… I did it! (The Online Group Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program is READY)

Okay, okay, I get excited about creating workouts, nutrition programs and fat loss programs quite often, but this is going to be a great way to end 2014! 

I’m freak ‘in stoked! And YOU’RE in for a treat 🙂 

In the last 24 years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to assist thousands of clients in their transformations. 

My clients have lost tons of fat, reduced their waistlines, decreased blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, reduced pain, improved sleep, no longer needed medications given their symptoms went away, smiled and laughed more….many times in less than a month.

Through this process I have learned that many have the following FAIL Factors:

•    Taking care of everyone else but self
•    Following old school principles (still eating egg whites, doing excessive cardio, avoiding strength training, consuming non-fat or low fat products and artificial sweeteners, etc.)
•    Not connecting food consumption and environmental stressors to current pain or problems
•    Sleep deprivation
•    Unhappy with current relationships at home, work or with friends
•    Unwillingness to change-attached to current behaviors 
•    Not willing to put in the time or work (change takes a commitment)
•    Unhappy with how they look and feel but fail to take action 
•    Stressed by life’s circumstances

Last week I wrote about the 3 main ingredients for fat loss: Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise.

I stated that the hard part, but the most beneficial part of the fat loss/weight loss/health equation is….SLEEP, followed by the “ideal fuel source” or nutrition for you. 

Exercise is really the easy part of the equation (and the least effective of the three). All you have to do is show up to the boot camp program and our coaches will show you the way. Many try to do this ingredient alone with little success. 

Now that the boot camp programs are fairly established (we were voted 2014 Best Boot Camp in SF and runner up in 2013 and have success stories nearly every day), I have been trying to figure out a good way to support more people with the nutrition and lifestyle side of the equation. This is really my true passion given the quick transformations I have observed over the years.

I thought about the key components that make the boot camp program successful for transformation:

  1. Group training is a more effective model than personal training for weight and fat loss
  2. Planned daily workouts based upon scientific/experiential principles to lose body fat
  3. Variety, scalability and time efficiency of workouts
  4. Coach’s passion, expertise, support and energy
  5. Variety of times and locations
  6. Low price for a structured program (compared to personal training)
  7. Community support among campers within and outside of camps (social events)
  8. Education
  9. Challenges within the program (75 day challenge) and challenges outside of the program (Tough Mudder, Spartan)
  10. Use of technology to communicate to you

I considered doing small group nutrition & lifestyle coaching for 5-10 people, one time per week for 4 weeks, but I really don’t have the time, it would need to cost each participant at least $200 a month to make sense for me and it would be limited to the local area.

What I did come up with is my version of an online group nutrition & lifestyle coaching boot camp starting Thursday, October 23rd.

Let me give you some details of the Online Group Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program:

  • I’ve designed the program to overcome the Fail Factors mentioned above.
  • Weekly group coaching session each Thursday @ 11:30 am PST (starting this Thursday, October 23rd) that is open to everyone around the world. If you miss the session you can view the recording.
  • We will be using the best social conferencing program I could find called Maestro Conference. This platform will allow us to develop a support community online similar to what we achieve in the local boot camps.
  • We will also use technology to further aid in delivering fast results: body fat tracking software for weekly check in, my fitness pal to log in food consumption, and a private Facebook page to continue developing the key community part of the program, so you can give and receive support to the others before and after the weekly sessions.
  • Education- Each week we will dive into a different topic and you will learn from others who share their success and challenges.
  • Motivation- I will motivate you to continue to strive towards goal achievement. I just need you to commit to the weekly sessions.
  • Time efficient coaching model to address your weekly challenges and success.
  • Community support among online participants and from me.
  • Challenges within the program (i.e. we will do various challenges to make you aware of your ideal foods and those that cause you pain)
  • You will get access to all of my online nutrition and lifestyle programs and all new programs coming out in the near future
  • 10% discount on nutrition services and supplementation
  • And more to come…

–    Here is the best part… I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, reach their ideal weight, look and feel better than they do right now.

So I’ve priced it very affordable at only $97 (the program is free to current local clients that are in my boot camp program)

The first 15 people to sign up can take advantage of the program for the first month at 50% OFF. 

Now, typically my private nutrition & lifestyle coaching sessions are $125 per hour. But like I said, I’ve priced this program at only $97/month and the first 15 can be part of the group for only $48.50 for the first month. That’s a really good deal!

Fair enough? 

Here’s what you need to do now…

Hit “reply” to this email and let me know you want in on the Online Group Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program! If you are a boot camp member, please state so in the email.

After you register for the program, you will receive a welcome email with online/call instructions and details of the program.

Talk soon,

P.S. There is one small thing you must do to qualify for this online group program. You have to promise me to commit to the weekly sessions (if you can’t make the session live, listen to the recording and share with the group on the private Facebook page) and be an active part of the community. Together we can achieve more than we can do alone. 

So hit “reply” to this email and let me know you want in on the Online Group Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program! Hurry because the program starts Thursday, October 23rd and there are only 15 discounted spots available.

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