Group Personal Training San Mateo Boot Camp 1/12/15: 2015 I Am A Priority Transformation Day 1: First Challenge‏‏

Group Personal Training San Mateo Boot Camp 1/12/15:  2015 I Am A Priority Transformation Day 1:  First Challenge

3 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1:  Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min)

Phase 2: Core (Perform the two movements for 60s back to back with no rest.  Perform 1 set. (2 Min)

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

1.     Plank (60s) *Shoulders back & down 3B’s

2.     Push-Up Hold with Foot To Hand Hip Opener (60s) *In push up positionà bring right foot outside right hand (big stretch)à back to push-up holdà repeat other side *Shoulders back & down 3B’s

Phase 3: Primal Movements: Review the WOD below for 5-10 reps *Goal is blood flow, not max efforts

*Warm-up for approx. 10 minutes as the campers can continue to warm-up for the first few sets of the workout. Instruct them to gradually increase intensity given skill, fitness and injuries.

*Review WOD below during Phase 2 & 3 above and immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

Campers team up with a partner or small group and perform the following 9 exercises for 9 reps, then 8 reps, then 7 reps, all the way to 1 rep each. Any order is fine. Campers can rest when needed, but their overall goal is to finish this workout in their best time possible.

1.     9 SB Squats (any position) *2B’s *Hinge from hips *Shoulders back & down *Get as low as possible

2.     9 Burpees (chest hits the ground) *Stay tight *3B’s *Shoulders back & down *Educate about modifications

3.     9 Full Sit-ups *Dig heels *Look at abdomen *3B’s *Bring elbows to groin with hands to sides of head- no pulling on neck *Tongue on roof of mouth

4.     9 Prisoner Forward Lunges (Stationary) – EACH Leg *3B’s *Shoulders back & down *Move from center of gravity (belly) *Squeeze shoulder blades

5.     9 TRX Wide Rows *Palms down- bring hands outside shoulders  *Squeeze shoulder blades and hold for 2 s *3B’s *Shoulders back & down- relax shoulders

6.     9 Box Jumps – (modification – 1 Step-up EACH leg) *Start with arms overhead and end overhead *2B’s *Hinge from hips *Explode into ground *Raise/lower mat/step as tolerated

7.     9 Glider Push-Up Pikes – *Perform push-up as tolerate or just hold à perform pike (legs straight) attempting to bring feet to hands  *3B’s *Lock shoulders back & down

8.     9 KB/DB/Plate Straight Leg Deadlifts *Feet hip widthà weight hanging with straight armsàhinge from hipà com up and squeeze shoulder blades and butt *2B’s  *Shoulders back & down

9.     9 MB Slams *Slam MB into ground and follow through- use legs *2B’s *Hinge from hip

*Bonus: for those that finish early tell them to do 10 of everything

Circle Time: Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)

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