“Healthy” Vegan and Vegetarian Resources for You

Each Thursday @ 11:30 am PST, I have an online coaching program. This program is for those who desire my one on one coaching for weight loss, fat loss, stress reduction, sleep improvement and an overall improvement in health & vitality.

Most weeks we have a guest speaker. Back on January 29, 2015 my guest speaker was Michelle Brown. Michelle is a functional fitness specialist, Kung Fu World Champion and owner of Gumsaba. She leads a  mindful vegan lifestyle and has passion for yoga and outdoor sports.

Michelle spoke to us about the following: 

  • Her experience as a “healthy” and “unhealthy” vegan
  • Why would you want to follow a vegan diet
  • How can you do this
  • Sources of vegan protein
  • Vegan B12 sources
  • Athletic training on a plant based diet – what to eat

The call was great and although I am not a vegan or vegetarian, Michelle did a great job explaining how to be a “healthy” vegan.

I have tried vegan and vegetarian diets for periods of time over the years and I have always felt great for a few weeks and then exhausted, especially with high intensity training.

The key message I got from Michelle was that if you choose this lifestyle, you absolutely need to plan and prepare.

Of course you also need to plan and prepare if you are going to eat animal proteins, but it is much easier to get prepared protein and fat sources if you eat animal based foods. Although I say easier, if you want “health” you should be concerned about quality and preparation (how it is cooked).

Given the choices are limited for vegans and vegetarians, many tend to over-consume carbohydrates and processed foods.  Many also rely on legumes, nuts and seeds for protein and fat and fail to take the time to prepare these foods for consumption and ideal digestion.

Even if you choose to eat animal-based foods, you will learn how to maximize nutrition consuming plant based foods with this coaching session. I believe we paleo-type folks can learn from our plant-based dietary friends 🙂

If you are a vegan or vegetarian I highly recommend you listen to the recorded coaching session below and use the resources Michelle provided to optimize your nutrient needs:

 Resources talked about or recommended based upon coaching session:

Thoroughly wash beans and discard damaged beans, foreign objects before soaking. Many people don’t soak black beans because they lose their flavor.

Quick Hot Soak:
Cover 1 lb. of dry beans with water and boil for 2 minutes. Cover pot, soak from 1-4 hrs. Discard soaking water (I pour it in my plants!) cover beans with fresh water and cook. To reduce foam add 1-2 tablespoons of healthy fat – coconut or avocado oil is what we use.

Overnight Cold Soak:
Cover  1 lb. of dry beans with 6 cups of room ten water and soak 12+ hrs. Discard soaking water (i pour it in my plants!) cover beans with fresh water and cook. To reduce foam add 1-2 tablespoons of healthy fat – coconut or avocado oil is what we use.

For more information on vegan or vegetarian diets, contact Michelle Brown C.P.T., C.G.T.: http://gumsaba.com

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