Want a Tummy Tuck For Fat Loss?

Have you seen the infomercial about the “tummy tuck” cream?

It claimed to melt fat away with just two applications a day – they basically promised you a tummy tuck in a bottle.


Thankfully, they got shut down by the feds for selling that junk.

You’ve heard the saying… if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

But I did get inspired when I heard about this tummy tuck cream…

And when I realized that I had been giving my clients here in the Bay Area tummy tuck like results (without the risk of surgery or ugly scars) I decided to make it an official program so that you too can get fast, fat loss results and a flat stomach to rock just in time for summer.

See, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if we have a fast solution to help burn fat off the waistline, hips and buns while focusing on giving you a flat tummy.

Yes, in fact I do. And it’s only a 21-day long program. (I’ll tell you about it in a moment).

And unlike the tummy tuck cream – it works.

While there is no quick fix – I don’t care what the infomercials claim.
I did go to the drawing board and crafted a new 21-day rapid fat loss tummy tuck program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results and a flat stomach this summer.

You probably know that Shamp’s Boot Camps is known for helping our clients routinely lose 10, 20, and 40 plus pounds all while toning up their arms, shoulders, legs and flattening their abs.

That’s what we specialize in, rapid fat loss and body toning though high intensity Afterburn workouts.

As one of our client recently said: “this beats a gym membership, any day!”

So with summer just around the corner and with the tummy tuck solution fresh in my head I created something just for our friends and neighbors to help you quickly shape up, tone up, and flatten your tummy in only 21 days.

INTRODUCING The 21 Day Tummy Tuck Fat Loss Program!

This new program starts on Wednesday June 17th and goes for 21 days.

Fast results are what this is all about. Here’s what you get…

  • 21 days of fat burning workouts designed, monitored and coached by my coaching team and I. If you can put in three to five workouts a week for the next 21 days you’ll see amazing results.
  • And to help you get even faster results you’re also going to get a personalized 21-day nutrition program that’s designed to help you burn fat and boost your metabolism all day long.

This is NOT a diet. It’s a 21 day long, follow along meal plan program that works with the workouts that you’ll do here at Shamp’s Boot Camps.

WARNING: This is NOT like an aerobics class at the gym. It’s not like Zumba and it’s not the “boot camp” that you see at the local park.

Shamp’s Boot Camps is a group based, personal training program that uses the same equipment that athletes use to get into amazing shape. You’ll be using TRX suspension straps, battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells and even your body weight.

The workouts are fun, high energy and only take 45-50 minutes from beginning to end!

Best of all our workouts are VERY flexible and work for folks who are new to fitness and for those who are experienced. That’s the beauty of workouts… they’re all modifiable to your fitness, skill, injuries and ability level.

Here’s what you can expect during your 21-Day Tummy Tuck Fat Loss program…

  • Lose 5 – 15 lbs of fat
  • Define your arms, shoulders and legs
  • Flatten your stomach and shrink you waist
  • Get more energy, strength and confidence
  • Lose 6-10 inches over your entire body
  • Love looking at yourself in the mirror! YaY!

Like I said I’m starting this new program on Wednesday June 17th. It’s the perfect fitness program for you because you’re going to have professional guidance as well as motivation and accountability.

But there is one catch… Since my boot camp sessions are full at most locations, I can only bring on 12 new clients on the 21-Day Tummy Tuck Fat Loss Program (This is only for those NEW to the program- existing members already have access to the programs’ strategies).

Now here’s the BEST part- since this is a new program and since I can only take on 12 new clients, I’ve priced it at a very reasonable price. For only $77 you get the whole thing…

  • 21-day of amazing fat burning and body toning workouts
  • Professional coaching, motivation and support
  • 21-day long step-by-step fat burning meal plan
  • A hot new body just in time for summer

Here’s how to register…

Just reply to this email and let me know that you want one of the 12 available spots. (This is only for those NEW to the program- existing members already have access to the programs’ strategies).

Our first tummy tuck workout starts Wednesday, June 17th at all locations. See the schedule of sessions here: Schedule

And since we have workout session times all day long at 4 locations, there’s a time that’s going to work for you.

So reply to this email and I’ll get you registered for this 21-Day Tummy Tuck Fat Loss program and send you the meal plan ASAP so that you can be ready to go by Wednesday.

Your friend & coach,


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