21 Day Detox Success

“Endorsement time. 18 days ago I completed Brien Shamp’s 21 day detox program; I cut out all sodas, sugar, carbs and alcohol. I ate plenty of protein, veggies, healthy fats and supportive supplements. 4 days after completing the program I went on a 10 vacation. I stayed pretty true to my new way of eating with the exception of some alcohol and a snack here and there. I am proud and excited to tell you I have maintained the weight I lost on the program and lost an additional pound since I’ve been back from vacation. Again, I eat plenty of food. If you are looking to lose a few pounds or clean out your system, I highly recommend you reach out to Brien Shamp. #easytolose #hardtomaintain #doingit” Nicole A.

 For more information on the 21 Day Detox go to: https://brienshamp.com/detox/

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