Motivation Monday Transformation…Meet Debbie!

It’s Monday. What is on your plate this week? How are you going to move forward towards your goals?

For those who are struggling, remember…slow progress IS PROGRESS!!!

Here is a little motivation for you below. Debbie-3.jpg
Debbie entered my 90 Day Transformation Challenge back in January and her results were outstanding.

Each participant in the challenge wrote a short essay about their experience. Check out Debbie’s story below:

“I am currently 63 years old and as I am getting older my weight keeps creeping higher and higher. Though I like to walk/jog, it was just not taking care of my weight problem. I signed up for Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp through the Belmont Rec Center as I knew I had to do something.

As soon as my first class on January 2nd started I knew that this was just what I needed. A powerful workout that was different every day.

No sloughing off in this class with the instructor making their rounds checking on our form and endurance. Within a couple of classes I had made new friends, all of us struggling and laughing together.

My past track record has been gun ho for the first two weeks, and then I would start making excuses as to why I could not continue my exercise routine. But this time it was different, within two weeks my body started to feel different. I felt stronger – I loved it when during the day while working I would feel a set of muscles burn from the workout the night before. I started feeling healthier and stronger. It was the beginning of my fourth week that I joined the 90 day “I am a Priority Challenge”.

During the challenge I did the 5 day cleanse and the 10 day detox. I have learned to cook and eat healthier, making wiser choices at meal time. I have lost 24 pounds and am well on my way to a healthier rest of my life, thanks to Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps and all of the wonderful instructors for their support and knowledge.

They have taught me that I am not just a priority for 90 days, but that I am a priority for the rest of my life.

What would I do with $1,000 if I win you ask? I would donate it back to Brien Shamps Boot Camp (if this is OK with Brien) for 5 scholarships to the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge Program for people who really want to make a difference in their lives but do not have the funds to do so.

Thank you for caring and making such a positive healthy change in my life.” Debbie Tokumoto

I hope you feel motivated by Debbie. Every time I see her at a session I do and so do many in our program!

For more information on a Body Transformation Challenge click on this link >>>

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It’s never too late to challenge yourself to improve. What’s the alternative?

Let me know if you would like to create a plan for your transformation by replying to this email.

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