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At Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve amazing success!

We are undergoing a remodel of the Harbor Studio in Belmont as we transition to Fit Body Boot Camp Belmont and I am adding all of our outstanding transformation photos to the walls.

I am going to run out of space soon, but I will add walls if I need to to get you on the wall too 🙂

We have success stories every week as you can see on our home page >>>

Interestingly enough our best success stories come in the last quarter of the year when it is the hardest to achieve success and when we run our challenges.

The results are clients achieve is absolutely amazing and they make us incredible proud but this one is draw dropping:


It took Amy a little over a year for this transformation and now she is ready for her wedding day on October 10th!

How you might ask? Just like so many of our biggest transformation it started with a specific goal, followed by action. Amy contacted me to get going on a personal training program and I talked her into our boot camp program instead.

Amy came 3-5x a week and followed our plan! She also had a community to support her.

I don’t want to toot our horn too much at the expense of sounding arrogant but our program is virtually fail proof if you follow the plan we lay out for you and truthfully anyone can do it!

This Monday we start our 75 Day Holiday Transformation Challenge and we are taking on 10 more new clients for the program.

Here is why our challenge program is so effective and virtually fail proof:

1). We provide nutrition & lifestyle coaching: We will be working with each client to really understand which foods and choices create pain (stress, weight gain, belly fat, digestive issues, etc). and the foods that lead to wellness (happiness, weight & fat loss reduction, improved sleep quantity & quantity, etc.)

2). Unlimited Group Training: You can come to as many of our fat burning and muscle toning group training sessions as you like. We have 4 locations and over 60 sessions per week.

3). Unlimited Accountability: Each week you are required to submit a progress report. This allows us to hold you accountable to reaching your goals and we will work with you based on your results to tweak and alter your nutrition & lifestyle plan to optimize your results during the 75 days.

4). Unlimited Support: Challengers have unlimited access to me and my team during the challenge via email, text, and Facebook. We also have a private VIP FB group for challengers only. There is truly power in numbers.

5). Unlimited Community Support: Challengers will not only get access to my team and I. You are part of something bigger. We all need support and most of us don’t get enough of it. You will be part of a growing community that wants to make a change in themselves and is willing to put in the work. It won’t always be easy and that is what your community is for. They will motivate, educate and hold you accountable when the going gets tough.

Our next transformation challenge starts Monday, October 5th and we have less than 10 spots available.

This very well could be your only chance to get in on the same program that has helped our clients lose over 15,000 pounds and 15,000 inches and the very program responsible for Amy’s Transformation.

The coolest part is the price, for only $175 today and then just $25 dollars a week for 9 more weeks you get the best unlimited group training, results proven nutrition & lifestyle coaching, unlimited accountability, and community support money can buy. Yes, this is not a typo.

Although we only want dedicated and committed individuals that are serious about losing 10-30 pounds in the next 75 days if you register today we will give you a money back guarantee if you feel our program is not right for you.,

If you even have an inkling the program might be right for you make sure to claim your spot today before the program is sold out or you will have to wait for the next challenge which will be back to full price.

Once registration is full or Sunday at midnight comes the link will no longer work! Do not hesitate and claim your spot >>>
75 Day Holiday Transformation Challenge to lock in your spot).

The way I see it is 1 of 2 things are going to happen.

1). You pass on the program and 75 days from now you wish you did the program because you will be leaner, toner, and sexier guaranteed.


2). You register for the program and you finally lose those 10-30 pounds and feel stronger, toner, and sexier in just 75 days.

Which one is it going to be?

To register and claim your spot just go here >>>75 Day Holiday Transformation Challenge

Talk soon!

Dedicated to YOUR success!
Your friend & coach,


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