Organic meal delivery to the Harbor Studio – Belmont Fit Body Boot Camp location is here!

2015-8-16Organic meal delivery to the Harbor Studio – Belmont Fit Body Boot Camp location is here!

FeastPeace starts delivery Tuesday, October 20th.

Order your food by Thursday at 8pm for delivery the following week.

Deliveries will be three times a week:  Tuesdays by 6am, Wednesdays by 6am and Thursdays by 10am.

We are still working on the website but to get going for now, we will keep it as simple as possible using the model below.

2015-8-30We are offering a TWO WEEK TRIAL starting now.

 How it works:

1)  Decide how many meals you want each week for the two week period.  Remember, the more you order, the more you save.

A. 1 Meal/Week:

 Lunches: $12.75/meal

Dinners: $16.50/meal

10547677_10204676573174162_163725344606140821_nBest Savings- Save 5% On 2 Meals Per Week Meal Plans

B.  Meals/Week:

 Lunches: $12.15/meal

Dinners: $15.50/meal

 For example: One Lunch & One Dinner or 2 Lunches/week or 2 Dinners

 Even Better Savings- Save 10% On 3 Meals Per Week Or More (Great for those with little time or interest in cooking and families)

C. 3+ Meals/Week:

 Lunches: $11.25/meal

Dinners: $14.85/meal

 For example: Two Lunches & Two Dinners

2) Make your selections from our online menu:!current-menu/p06ta

3) Email your choices to: and be sure to specify what day or days you’d like to pick up your food.

4) We will email you total and you can pay online or call us.  Pick up your food after a great workout and enjoy your super healthy meals.

NO DELIVERY FEE for Member’s of Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps

For questions or more info, contact Alison at

Please share this new service with your friends also by using the share buttons below. I would love your reviews on the food below also. Please comment after you have tried a meal.

Your friend & coach,


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