Boot Camp San Mateo Health Club Group Training 10/22/15: Holiday Transformation Challenge Day 18: Cardio-Cardio Workout!

Phase 1: Warm-Up: Perform 3 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing while lying supine: Lie on back and initiate breathing with belly–>rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest. Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 15s each breath (5s inhale–> 5 s hold–> 5 s exhale). Emphasize that campers do this upon rising and going to sleep and if they want an amazing shift in their state at any time, while breathing think about 3 things they are grateful for.

Phase 2: Floor Stretches (5 min) *Work on forearm/wrist mobility


Phase 3: Obstacle course: 5 min

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 10s rest, 4 sets


*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

Core Workout: There are 4 stations of core exercises below with two exercises in each station. Alternate the two exercises in each station for 4 rounds before moving onto next station. Perform each exercise for 40s and rest for 10s between exercises.



Equalizer Lower Ab Curl  *Use 2 equalizers and go into dip position holding at top, curl legs up *Keep equalizers close  *Modify with supine lower ab curl – place mb btw heels and hams *3B’s *Shoulders back & down


Swiss Ball Prone Flutter Kick *Can use swiss ball- hands under shoulders, close to ball on stomach *Legs straight *Do your best to maintain stability (avoid letting the ball move) on ball *Toes to nose *2B’s *Keep chest up and shoulders back & down


Rip Trainer Standing Trunk Rotation (20s Each Side) *Arms straight if possible *Back hand up, front hand down *Weight shift and pivot *Shoulders back & down *Rotate from core *3B’s *Explain the importance of control here and how injury can happen – keep elastic side of rip low

Supine Combo Crunch *Alt sides *Lying on back with legs extended on ground, feet together with arms straight overhead–> flex right knee & hip to 90, crunch up  and attempt to touch right foot–>bring leg and arms down–>repeat on opp. side *Tongue on roof of mouth *Look at abdomen *Keep 3 B’s – keep imprint of spine


MB Kneeling Side Bend *Place ball on top of head *3B’s *Keep butt squeezed *Shoulder back & down – squeeze shoulder blades

MB Bosu Seated Figure 8’s *Sit on Bosu Ball –feel sit bones *Lengthen spine *Feet off ground to make harder *2B’s *Shoulders back & down *Rotate from core *Modify by sitting tall on Bosu with feet in air, grabbing knees

Glider Leg Curls *3B’s *Modify by dropping hips each set or by doing 1 leg at a time *Use hands to assist

Glider Kneeling Roll Out *Keep 3 B’s *Move from hips *Shoulder back & down *Keep arms straight and push into ground

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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