Fit Body Boot Camp San Mateo Weight Loss 12/5/15: Holiday Transformation Challenge Day 61: Saturday 8 Obstacle Challenge

4 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1:  Breathing Squats

Perform 1-2 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing and abdominal recruitment while performing breathing squats: Start by standing with feet shoulder width and everted. Initiate breathing with belly (let it fall) > rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest > hinge from hips and lower hips to ground while exhaling* > inhale as you stand upright repeat *This is opp. of our normal breathing for loaded squats- this is like a ZEN squat *Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 10s each breath (3s inhale (belly falls) > 3 s hold > 5 s exhale and draw belly in towards spine) * As they continue to breathe, squat and relax, they should feel their hips lowering, heels going closer to the ground and hips opening.

Phase 2: Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min) Incorporate movements similar or the same as the workouts below Explain the need to be in good posture for optimal breathing efficiency, strength, endurance, balance, etc.  and to reduce potential injuries. With each movement incorporate breathing and make the movements flow.  If there are tight areas focus on those areas and continue to breathe.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest for 6 sets

Phase 2: Core (Perform the following movements for 30s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

  1. Plank with Knee to Elbow (alt) *3B’s *Hold for 2s  *Shoulders back & down *Keep back flat
  2. Prone Prisoner Cobra (Hold 5s)  *Squeeze shoulder blades *Lift upper body only *Interlace fingers behind head *Modify with arms to sides arms externally rotated
  3. Supine Prisoner Lower Ab Lift *Lift pelvis straight up  *3B’s *Hands under tailbone *Press elbows, forearms and wrists into ground

Phase 4: Primal Movements: Review the WOD below for 5-10 reps *Goal is blood flow, not max efforts

*Review WOD below during Phase 3 & 4 as needed.  After Phase 4 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own. Work with a partner or small group to help with motivation and form.

WOD: Perform the following 8 Obstacles as fast as possible for 40 minutes in order. Count number of rounds. After each round completion, camper yells out their round.

  1. DB/KB Bent Knee Deadlift: 10 *Lead with hips *Bent knees *Weight is on the groundà grab weight underneath core and lift with straight arms *Squeeze shoulder blades and butt at top *Challenge with heavy load *Hinge from hips – keep back flat *2B’s (butt out) *Monkey Bar Room
  2. Monkey Bar Transverse or Rock Wall or Cargo Net: 1x each way *Move laterally *Modify with hang Rope Climb- 1x to the top or 5x modified (extend legs to make harder) *Shoulder back & down *Bridge position–>stand- keep tension on arms
  3. Over-Unders with Equalizers: 2x *Use 10 Equalizers
  4. Glider Polar Bear: 1x back & forth across red carpet *Gliders under hands and feet *Opp. Arm & Leg
  5. 4 Cone MB Relay: 2x *At each cone put 1 MB- at starting cone place 3 MB’s so multiple people can go at each line *Campers line up behind the cone with multiple balls- pick up the MB àrunàreplace MB in hands with one on flooràrepeat
  6. Dynamic Sandbag (SB) Step-Ups: 10x leading with each leg *Hold Sandbag in front loaded position
  7. MB Wall Chest Pass (5)àTrunk Rotation- RT (5)à Chest Pass (5)àTrunk Rotation- LT (5): 1x *Use core for trunk rotation
  8. TRX 1 Arm Row with Rotation: 5x each side *Rotate from core *Keep hips forward towards anchor point *Shoulders back & down *Squeeze shoulder blades at top of movement

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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