Are you excited when you step on the scale?


Tomorrow we are completing two challenges: The 5 Week Holiday Belly Burn (HBB) and our annual 75-Day Holiday Transformation Challenge that started in October.

I am so proud of all of you that took on the challenges in the absolute, most challenging time of the year.

Taking action leads to rewards and one of the 75- Day Challengers will win $1000 and another will win $500. Many others will be rewarded with prizes for their hard work and completion of the program.

The money is just a bonus because more importantly lives have been changed.

How cool is it to finish 2015 in better shape than when you started? Many of you even look younger as you have gotten older!

Check out this email I received from Mariann today:

“As of today, I’m down 17.5 lbs ((((-: Today I will be extra extra good. I never thought the words, “I’m excited about weighing myself” would come out of my mouth, but I am looking forward to tomorrow morning with Tonya at the weigh in. Thanks to both you and Tonya for all of your help.” Mariann

Mariann is a great story because like most, she never thought she would do as well as she did. With the right education and motivation almost everyone can have success!

I am blessed to help you all look and feel your best and to make this health thing fun!

I look forward to seeing the results from the challengers over the next two days and sharing the news about who the winners are for the 2015 Holiday Challenge.

The 2016 90- Day Challenge is coming in mid-January so bulk up now and WIN 🙂

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